They didn’t want to leave [Wembley]. It was getting close to 11 p.m.—the crowd had thinned down to the photographers and the families, and the U.S. women were still walking around the Wembley field in their navy track suits, gold medals dangling from their necks, bouquets in their hands. They looked like a flock—moving as a single entity, never separating from each other for more than five or six feet. … Wambach wrapped an arm around Solo, so brilliant and game-saving all night. Megan Rapinoe flapped her arms like a bird. The future can wait. A team won today.
Making memories.  (via cranscape)

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)


Love seeing these.  Just love it.

(Source: regretnothingforever)

Happy Birthday Kelley!

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